Theocentric Books

Theocentric is a very good word to use in the public arena.  It will help people get acquainted with a word that is unfamiliar to many people.  Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary defines theocentric: “Have God as the focal point of thoughts, interests, and feelings.”  Based on polls and various other studies, there are 250 million professing Christians in the United States.  However, in the public square only a small percentage of those professing Christians understand the meaning of words essential to the Christian religion. Theocentric is one of those words.

When I determined to undertake the role of publishing Christian books, the name of the company did not come easy.  I searched the internet and found names of Christian publishing companies with a wide range of Christian tags.  However, theocentric was not one of them.  Theocentric Publishing Group was born.

Several people asked me why I used such a hard name to pronounce.   It is really an easy word to pronounce and remember.  God is the center of the action.  Theocentric Publishing Group has God at the center of the enterprise of producing God-centered books.  Visit today.