Feminism Worldview

Feminism is one of the most popular and dominant worldviews in the western world. It was born at the feet of egalitarianism, individualism, and statism. The fundamental ideology is that women have equal rights, the same rights that men have as a secular worldview. If taken to its logical end, it would mean that women desire to dominate men.  Now, where did that come from? Maybe from the mouth of God! “To the woman he [God] said, ‘I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you’” (Genesis 3:16). As punishment for breaking God’s covenant, Eve the woman would desire to control Adam the man. It has been part of the old man (sinful nature) since the beginning.

The prevalent feminism in the American culture has produced two undesirable effects.

  1. Satan used a sinful secular doctrine (Jacobin egalitarianism – the political party during the French Revolution positing absolute/perfect equality) so the biblical doctrine of familial and marital covenants appear to be old fashioned. Since the fall of the human race, the female desires to rule over the male. A woman may desire to serve as a preacher in the church or a president of a nation, but it is a sinful desire. I will be redundant for the purpose of emphasis: “To the woman he [God] said, ‘I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you’” (Genesis 3:16). God’s plan was for order and harmony, not equality and strife.

  2. It creates a dysfunctional family. It opens Pandora’s Box for the woman to vote for her candidate of choice and the man to vote for the candidate of his choice. It leaves the children with an example of ungodly and unbiblical leadership in the home.

The state should follow a simple biblical principle. Christians have an ultimate authority that will prevent these undesirable effects of feminization. “Wives submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:22).  This verse is not a reference to blind and blanket submission. However, no submission leads to anarchy and absolute submission lead to tyranny. Although anarchy and tyranny are present, to a greater or lesser degree in many marriages, the doctrine of submission usually falls under one of three categories.

Patriarchy refers to the husband is the head of the family.

Matriarchy refers to the wife is head of the family.

Democracy refers to no rule of the family, therefore anarchy prevails in the family.

The enemies of submission are:

1)  Self-centeredness – A person who is governed by the thought that everything revolves around him or her.

2)  Dictatorial arrogance – Another aspect of the self by lording it over others.  The dictator wants absolute control.

3)  Individualism – The world view that displaces the confederation concept. The Bible describes individualism in terms of, “I am and there is no one else besides me” (Isaiah 47:10). Individualism literally says, “My opinions are the ones that count and if I can’t have it my way I will not play in the game.”

4)  Thoughtlessness –  One who is unconcerned with respect to the needs, desires and welfare of others.

5)  Self-seeking – One who is interested in the outcome only for the benefit of self.

The Southern Presbyterian theologian, Dr. Robert L. Dabney put it in these terms and I shall quote so as not to add or take away from these most profound words. Dabney said:  “the wife must obey the husband in the sense of conceding to him the final decision of joint domestic questions, within the bound of her higher duty to God and conscience or the husband must obey the wife, or the marriage is virtually annulled” (Practical Philosophy p. 367).”

Please notice two important points:

1)  Obey the husband within the bounds of her higher duty to God and conscience.  (Obey God rather than man.)

2)  If she does not obey her husband (unless he has told her to think or act in a way that is unbiblical or ungodly) the marriage is virtually annulled.

If there is no submission there is no marriage. One word will sum up the role of the wife in marriage – submit.

Likewise, one word will sum up the role of the husband in marriage –  love.

A marriage does not exist if the husband does not love his wife just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.

The husband must be willing to sacrifice everything for his wife. It is the duty of the husband to love his wife so he may be the instrument for the sanctification of his wife.

The word love is not merely a reference to sensual and friendly love. The husband has a distinctive love for his wife. It’s called Christian love.  It is the kind of love that is sacrificial, so that whether it is a love in confrontation or a love in encouragement, it is a godly love.

Since the church is in a state of disorder and lacks a proper understanding of God’s prescribed order for submission and love in the marriage, the culture and political life follows suit.

The mandate for Christians is simple.  Submit yourself to the Word of God and pray for the Spirit of God to enlighten your mind, to incline your will and motivate your emotions so you will find harmony and order in your marriage relationship.  It will have a positive and meaningful effect on the political life of the nation.


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