Vote For:

Candidates with political views more inclined toward the Ten Commandments.

Americans who hold to a Judeo/Christian ethic have a choice in the upcoming election.

The following comments are based on observation, news reports, and the political affiliation of each candidate.

One candidate has respect for the Ten Commandments.  The other candidate has little if any respect for the Ten Commandments.

  1. One candidate has God in the party platform. The other candidate has gods in the party platform.  (first three commandments)
  1. One candidate believes in the individual work ethic. The other does not.  (fourth commandment)
  1. One believes in rule by order according to the constitution. The other does not.  (fifth commandment)
  1. One believes in the sanctity of life (pro-life). The other believes in abortion which is a form of murder. (sixth commandment).
  1. One believes marriage was constituted by God between a man and a woman. The other does not, but rather believes in same sex marriage. (seventh commandment)
  1. One believes in the right of the individual to work and provide for the family and help others in need. The other believes the individual must work for the government and redistribute the wealth of the nation.  (eighth through the tenth commandment)

In summary one candidate is opposed to the doctrine of statism and the other is an advocate of this ungodly doctrine.   Statism gives the state (government) sovereignty and authority over the citizens of the state.  To put it in simple language, the state becomes a god that promises to provide salvation for its subjects.

If ethics are important to the well being of a nation, then the choice is very simple.

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