Egalitarianism and Racial Ignorance

The classical meaning of race and racism has been practically effaced by the literary jargon of the 19th and 20th century. The common use of the word race allegedly refers to a class of people related by blood, ethnic similarities, traditions, et al. It has become a common practice to add the English suffix “ism” to caricature a word to the degree of a world and life view. Then racism becomes a term meaning the supreme exaltation of a race of people. The consequence would be the hatred for a different ethnic group. The imago Dei (the image of God) is a natural resident for all human beings according to Christian theology. R. L. Dabney’s Systematic Theology posits, “we learn that man, unlike all lower creatures, was formed in the ‘image of God – after His likeness.’  The general idea here is obviously, that there is a resemblance of man to God.

There is a certain ubiquity associated with the term racism.  To show the shallow rational and mental effort put into defining words we only have to turn to Webster’s Dictionary.  It describes racism as “a belief that human races have distinctive characteristics that determine their respective cultures usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”  Then Webster defines race as “a group of persons related by common descent, blood, or heredity.”  According to Webster there is a difference in races when using the term “race” but when using “racism” the subjectivity shifts only to “a belief” that there are differences in races.  God created one race, the human race, but because of sin they are divided into various ethnic groups. The mass media, powerful politicians, and elusive educators have successfully duped Americans into believing that definitions to words are unnecessary.  We live at a time when ignorance hides under the charm of scholarship and true education is condemned by uneducated scholars.  Anti-intellectualism has been crowned queen of the public square.

The greatest gift God gave the human race was a rational mind.  (Please note:  The greatest gift God gave the children of God is the grace of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.)  An uneducated man may use his rational faculties.  However, an educated man may suppress his rational faculties.  An uneducated man may employ principles of logic while the educated man may employ the principles of confusion.  We have cultural elites treating words with contempt and stirring up confusion.  The sad effect will eventually show its face.  One day people will learn, maybe too late, that words are meaningful.  Then many will look back and realize theological and philosophical principles relating to life and culture should not have been ignored.

The contemporary church has adopted the imaginary assumption that God ordained an egalitarian undefined people called human beings.  In so doing the church ignores the basic principle of taxonomy found in Genesis chapter one.  God not only classified His creation, He ordered the division of nations, boundaries, and an inheritance by separating them into their various lands (Genesis 10).  They were nations with various ethnic and cultural distinctions.  When we avoid the distinction of nations, ethnic groups, and cultural milieus (popularly misinterpreted as racism) we promote the sin of egalitarianism.  I need only to remind you that the amalgamation of the races was a sin against God (Genesis 11).  The Bible teaches that it is a sin to despise or hate another person for any reason, especially because of their natural birth.  The sin is not “racism” but that of pride, envy, and murder.  It is humanism that has reversed God’s plan.  It is humanism with its beloved children (multi-culturalism, despotism, and the one world order) that say “let us build ourselves a city and a tower reaching to the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves.”

The passion of every human being is the desire to be equal to God. It began with the first two people representing the human race. They were charmed with the idea they could “be like God” (Genesis 3:5). Natural man says, “I am and there is no one else besides me” (Isaiah 47:10). Egalitarianism is a world view popularized by the war cry of the French Revolution, ” Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.” Egalitarianism or the rarely used term, ultimate equalism, is wicked to the core. The human race is only equal in terms of, “all are sinners.” R. L. Dabney rightly declared, “The extreme claim of equality is false and iniquitous.  For out of the wide natural diversities of sex and of character must arise a wide difference of natural relations between individuals and the State.  To attempt to bestow identical franchises upon all thus appears to be unjust, and, indeed, impossible.” There are universal natural distinctions found in human beings.  However, he also believed “There is a natural moral equality between all men, in that all are generically men.  All  have a rational, responsible and immortal destiny, and are inalienably entitled to pursue it;  all are morally related alike to God, the common Father; and all have equitable title to the protection of the laws under which Divine Providence places them.”

I pray that the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit may reach the hearts of those professing Christians who have adopted the modern concept of rationalism and the postmodern concept of subjectivism.  I pray they will adopt the Word of God to understand life and faith. May we all agree with the inspired words of the Psalmist:

“Give me understanding according to Your word”

“Deliver me according to Your word”

“Teach me Your statutes”

“For all Your commandments are righteousness.”

Psalm 119:169-176

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