How to Win Friends and Influence People

  1. Don’t insist on telling the truth on every occasion
  2. Don’t insist on preserving a man’s good name
  3. Don’t insist on keeping promises
  4. Do be willing to hide the truth if it benefits your cause
  5. Do be willing to tell a lie, even if it hurts another person
  6. Do be willing to flatter someone to accomplish your goal

The above six points may win alleged friends and may influence someone, but the six points are ungodly and anti-Christian.

In a society consumed by postmodern rhetoric the ninth commandment, “Do Not Lie” does not fit into the new reality agenda. Friends may not harmonize with the truth; therefore, telling the truth on every occasion may result in a loss of friends.  However, Christians do not have a choice between friends and truth.  The ninth commandment requires a person to tell the truth about his or her  neighbor.

I have alleged that the world of communication technology has changed the way people think.  It has been said that we are living in the fastest age in human history.  We know that time is not relative.  The measurement for time is consistent.  There are 60 minutes for each hour, etc and it always has been.  What is different is what we can accomplish in those 60 minutes compared to a few generations ago.  For instance, no one would travel very far out of the community for regular worship services and church related activities.  Now days it is not uncommon for people to drive to different towns or communities to associate with a local church.  Human history is moving at the same pace it has always moved.  However, with the speed and flow of information, the acquisition of information is faster than it has ever been before.

Telephone (FAXs), radio, television and computer networks have greatly enhanced the ability to instantaneously communicate ideas. We must not denigrate the positive dimensions of electronic communications, but on the other hand, we must not ignore the negative factors of electronic communications.

Radio has a variety of music, talk shows, preachers and teachers with their own programs.  Many of them promote anti-intellectual agendas with a wide variety of very different biblical doctrines.  Television, video, and smart phones have the same influence, but the visual elements corrupt or maybe even destroy the thinking process.

On top of all this, we live in the postmodern era.  Many Ivy League colleges teach literary deconstructionism as the accepted method for interpreting human language.  Deconstructionism teaches that the author uses words to compose a literary piece, but those words are meaningless to the recipient until someone deconstructs the words and gives them meaning.  This means there is no absolute truth for any written communication. To put it another way the author had no real intention to convey absolute truth with the words.  The ninth commandment must be understood based on two inseparable biblical concepts.  They are human communication and truth.

Why are professing Christians becoming less inclined to believe in absolute truth?

They are disinclined to believe the first eight commandments.

They are inclined to believe there are many gods.

They do not believe the true God requires true worship.

They do not have the proper reverence for God.

They do not work and worship according to God’s commandments.

They do not respect the authority of God.

They do not value life or property.

They do not place any value on truth.

Most of what Christians read, hear, and see is fantasy, therefore the truth of reality does not satisfy the human lust for power and excitement.

The doctrine associated with the ninth commandment is derived from the whole counsel of God; it is exceedingly wide and very deep.  There are two doctrinal principles derived from a study of the ninth commandment.

The first principle is that where there is a lie on the tongue, Satan is in the heart.  Professing Christians allow Satan to deceive them into believing that truth is relative to circumstances, conditions, and cultures.  Christians who reject the truth will be drawn into the vortex of Satan’s lies.  For too long truth and error have slept comfortably in the same bed.

The second principle is that for those who have violated this commandment, there is refuge in the righteousness of the one who is the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. Run to Him, confess, repent, ask forgiveness and be restored into the joy of God’s saving grace.

You may deceive people and allegedly win friends and influence people, but God cannot be deceived and He will never be influenced with lies.

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