New Book Release – Death: Reflections on the End of Life and What Comes After

New book release:  Death: Reflections on the End of Life and What  Comes After, by Max Malikow, ISBN 9780986405570, 103 pages, $16.95


In a word, this is a book about death. However, a one-word characterization of any book is likely to be too general to be helpfully descriptive. The subtitle, Reflections on the End of Life and What Comes After, provides a more meaningful representation.

Arguably, humankind’s two most enduring questions are: What is the meaning of life? and, Is there an afterlife? Noteworthy is both questions are unanswerable if definitive, irrefutable answers are being sought. The endurance of these essentially unanswerable questions imply a feature unique to human beings. To be human is to be curious about our place in the creation and if we have a place somewhere after we die. Both curiosities involve our existence and whether it comes to an end. Moreover, there is a curiosity about whether our earthly conduct has consequences for what, if anything, awaits us after our death.

Presented as questions, the issues addressed in this meditation are:

  1. Why is death a live topic?
  1. Is death an asset or a liability?
  1. Is there an afterlife?

4. What constitutes a heroic death?

  1. Would a life of 450 years be a blessing or a curse?
  1. Is it a bad thing to die?

Max Malikow is on the faculty of the Renee Crown Honors Program of Syracuse University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at LeMoyne College. He earned his M.A. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Th.D. from Boston University.  He is the author or editor of twelve previous books and is a practicing psychotherapist in Syracuse, New York.

Available on Amazon or order through local bookstore

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