Galileo’s Trio: Sense, Reason, and Intellect

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Judges 21:25

Behavior that produces that kind of mass confusion is senseless.  It was present in the day of the Judges and remains with us until this day. Western culture is a hotbed of various worldviews like individualism, egalitarianism, statism, pragmatism, secularism, and many more. The state is a necessary component for social and political life.  However, adding “ism” to the word, “state,” may indicate that the state provides the means to save the individual belonging to the state.  To put it another way, statism becomes a god to worship and the way of salvation for secular life. There was a time when self-evident truths were held in high esteem in the American culture.  At the same time, the church believed and taught that the Bible was absolute truth.  General revelation to culture and special revelation to the church are the common threads that hold the fabric of life together.  The denial of self-evident truths inclines the culture to do what is right in their own eyes.  It is the denial of the inspired infallible truth of God’s Word that inclines the church to agree with the culture.

This blog is an analysis of the downgrade for western civilization in general, particularly the United States.  Galileo wisely observed, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” Muse that quote from Galileo about “sense, reason, and intellect.” Then ponder the misuse, abuse, and absconding of those three disciplines to discover the reason this country is in such a mess.  The scholar (one schooled or taught a particular doctrine) has replaced the intellect (one who uses the rational powers naturally endowed and applies rationality by the use of a tool known as logic).  For example Barak Obama is said to be a scholar and he may be, but he is no intellect.  The scholars who argued against Galileo’s heliocentric views were so blind in the field of astronomy, but so schooled in theology, failed to use there natural “sense, reason, and intellect.”

Now I’ll make two comments about the current political problems.  The two comments may be summarized within two political philosophies: Statism and sophism.

Statism is the political worldview of the liberal political machine.  Statism basically says the state is the Savior of its subjects.  Or to put it another way the government will solve all your problems.  Just turn over your mind and the minds of your children to me (big brother) and turn over your money and your children’s money to the state and they will solve all your problems.  The goal of the liberal political machine is a national lobotomy.

Sophism is the art and use of empty words in the context of a subtle false argument to convince someone that what is false is true.  Let me quote Clement of Alexandria on the subject of sophistry.  “In one his writings he said, “ the art of sophistry, which the Greeks cultivated, is a fantastic power, which makes false opinions like true by means of words. For it produces rhetoric in order to persuasion, and disputation for wrangling. These arts, therefore, if not conjoined with philosophy, will be injurious to every one. For Plato openly called sophistry “an evil art.” And Aristotle, following him, demonstrates it to be a dishonest art, which abstracts in a specious manner the whole business of wisdom, and professes a wisdom which it has not studied.” (CofA, Stromata, chap. 8)

Sophistry drives statism or any other false worldview by means of the belligerent person using the tools to win his or her agenda.

Obama used these sophisticated tactics throughout his campaign demeaning logic, reason, sense and intellect.  The segments of society that have abandoned those God given sources are the ones that elected Obama. He hoodwinked more than half of the voting democracy.  Hillary Clinton will employ the power of sophism and the charm of statism to gain power and wealth. We and the generations that follow will suffer unless we rediscover the root of the problem and address it publicly

The root of the problem is “we” (collectively) have to admit that we’ve been duped by the various political powers at each level of government during each administration.    Slowly but surely each generation was trapped by the idea that the State could better manage the affairs of life than private citizens.  Once we (collectively) admit our complacency we must act collectively to restore our nation incrementally to a level of constitutional integrity.

The “Tea Party” concept was one way to prevent the devolution of our sad estate unto the coming generation.  Individuals and groups collectively should organize to educate the public that contemporary scholarship is an anti-intellectual educational philosophy and restore Galileo’s trio: sense, reason, and intellect. The church should seek reformation so it may be a cultural change agent to the glory of God.

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