The Great Gift: Constitutional Integrity

The scholar (one schooled or taught a particular doctrine) has replaced the intellect (one who uses the rational powers naturally endowed and applies rationality by the use of a tool known as logic).  For example Obama is said to be a scholar and he is, but he is no intellect.  The scholars who argued against Galileo’s heliocentric views were so blind in the field of astronomy, but so schooled in theology, failed to use their natural “sense, reason, and intellect.”

Now I’ll make two comments about the current political problems.  The two comments may be summarized within two political philosophies:  statism and sophism.

Statism is the political world view of the liberal political machine.  Statism basically says, “the state is the Savior of its subjects.”  Or to put it another way the government will solve all your problems.  Just turn over your mind and the minds of your children to government bureaucracies (big brother) and turn over your money and your children’s money to the same rascals  and they promise to solve all your problems.  The goal of the liberals is a national lobotomy.

Sophism is the art and use of using empty words in the context of a subtle false argument to convince someone that what is false is true.  Let me quote Clement of Alexandria on the subject of sophistry.  In one his writings he said, “the art of sophistry, which the Greeks cultivated, is a fantastic power, which makes false opinions like true by means of words.”

Sophistry drives statism or any other false world view by means of the belligerent person using the tools to win his or her agenda.

Obama used these sophisticated tactics throughout both of his campaigns demeaning logic, reason, sense and intellect.  The segments of society that have abandoned those God given sources are the ones that elected Obama.  We will all suffer the same demise unless we rediscover the root of the problem and address it publicly.

The root of the problem is “we” (collectively) have to admit that we’ve been duped by the various political powers at each level of government during each administration.  Furthermore we’ve allowed the big corporations to manipulate us in thinking that bigger is better.  WalMart is the perfect example.  We collectively put them in business and keep them in business because their prices are cheaper than the Mom and Pop store down the street.  Eventually Mom and Pop closed the doors and WalMart dictates what we buy and how much we pay.  Likewise, the Federal government is so powerful, it dictates to its citizens.

Slowly but surely each generation was trapped by the idea that the State could better manage the affairs of life than private citizens.  Once we (collectively) admit our complacency we must act collectively to restore our nation incrementally to a level of constitutional integrity.  Constitutional authority is rational and biblical.

Postmodern theory is the foundation for the expressions of our society (culture). Postmodern theory rejects absolute truth as the basis for public discourse.  Fate has replaced reality.  Postmodernism expects everyone to be multi-cultural expositors of the larger global community.

Avoid postmodernism and restore constitutional authority. Turn away from sophistry and statism, for the sake of your children, grandchildren, and future generations. Leave them a rational constitutional model to follow.

The article “Not Yours to Give” shows the need to follow a rational constitution. It is an alleged speech by Rep. David Crockett before congress asking them to defeat a bill before congress which would open the door to public welfare, even though it was unconstitutional. Even if Crockett didn’t author the bill or make the speech, the principles in it are absolutely valid. The article is entitled: Not Yours to Give and can be found at:

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