Little Men Cause Big Problems

The story of a baby born in Austria April 20, 1889 explains the title, Little Men Cause Big Problems. His family was poor. As a student in primary school he exhibited potential but, he was a failure and never completed high school.  He became interested in politics, but was imprisoned for treason. While he was in jail he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle). After he was released from prison he was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Adolph Hitler fits the title: Little Men Cause Big Problems.

I refer to devious evil men (generic for men and women) as little men because unless they repent and turn to the Lord they are of little value in this world. Throughout history little men have caused big problems in every level of society and in every cultural milieu.  Little men like Charles Darwin infected the minds of many with his worthless evolutionary theories.

Nehemiah faced the attacks of little men when he set out to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. However, little men tried to prevent the work by forming a mob spirit. Little men gather a mob to intimidate by mocking, taunting, and ridiculing the builders of the wall. The mobs agenda is to make the opponent look like a fool. The mob uses ridicule and attacks the opponent using the ad hominem abusive. The ad hominem (to the man) argument is an informal fallacy where the opponent attacks the man rather than the argument.  For example, your proposition is false because you have a long nose.

Little men cause big problems by conspiring against their opponent.  They make empty threats. They conjure up false accusations to stop a good work. They conspire together to create a mob disturbance. The conspiracy may very well include terrorist activity thus causing confusion about their opponents.

Little men cause big problems by threatening violence. While Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, his opponents terrorized the people working on the project. Nehemiah noted that the adversaries said, “They (the workers on the wall) will neither know nor see anything, till we come into their midst and kill them and cause the work to cease” (Nehemiah 4:11). Terrorist are secretive and stealthy, but they make threats to create fear in their opponents.

The church is under attack from little men who are inclined to destroy the church:

  1. Special interest groups, the media, educators and political liberals try to overthrow the church.
  2. Church leaders want to lower doctrinal standards and then move the church toward a pluralistic, democratic society with a focus on the postmodern view of life.
  3. The church is under attack by ungodly Christian leaders who are success oriented and self-centered rather than God-centered.
  4. The church is under attack by anti-intellectuals, charismatic personality cults, and dozens of other movements who are detached from any submission to the authority of Scripture.

The evangelical church is standing on the precipice of a new dark age. Little men are working diligently to erode the foundation. It is time for Christians to stand up to little men who cause big problems. “So we built the wall and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work”  (Nehemiah 4:6).

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