Why Can’t You Be More Like Me? An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

New book release:  Why Can’t You Be More Like Me? An Introduction to Moral Philosophy, by Max Malikow, ISBN 9780986405549, 148 pages, $17.95


The intention of this book is to explain moral diversity and the conflict it sometimes generates between individuals, groups, and nations. Hopefully it will be helpful in our continuing effort to communicate with each other.  Each chapter poses a question that is answered in a concise, thought provoking manner.

The author discusses the difference between ethics and morals.  He raises important questions and answers them like: What are the methodologies people use for distinguishing right from wrong? Does the end always justify the means? How is a moral decision to be made when duties are in conflict?  Is morality simply a matter of having a certain feeling about something? Can people be good without God?  The author uses examples that characterize the reality of moral dilemmas.

This book could be used as an introductory textbook or reading material for anyone interested in the issues that comprise moral philosophy. The “Appendix: Morality in Drama and Documentary” is wonderful tool that shows the connection of morality to real life issues.

Max Malikow is on the faculty of the Renee Crown Honors Program of Syracuse University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at LeMoyne College. He earned his M.A. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Th.D. from Boston University.  He is the author or editor of twelve previous books and is a practicing psychotherapist in Syracuse, New York.

Now available on Amazon.


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