Ultimate Authority for the Soul – Part 1

Authority rules in every sphere of life.  The soul constitutes the rational living person.  Ultimate Authority for the Soul is a book that connects ultimate authority to life.  This blog is the first half of the last chapter of the book.  It brings life to the soul of man living in a postmodern world.

There is a movement in Christianity that believes God saved the church to be positive thinkers.  Does that mean Christians should walk around with a smile on their faces in the midst of suffering, persecution, and affliction? Should Christians believe evil does not exist? Did God save the church so it could become the center of attention for the human race?  Although these absurdities are ridiculous, human beings, generally speaking, think they are very important.

Pride is the reason people think they are so important. Psychological foolishness is the reason people think they are so smart.  Material possessions tend to inflate the human ego thus making them think they have something they really do not have. In this confusion is a blatant assumption that autonomous man can save himself. The Bible teaches and history has proven that mommy and daddy cannot save themselves let alone their children. Hidden in the crevices of a dark mind is the idea that God saves the aristocracy to rule over the rest of mankind.  Those aristocrats by their own definition believe they are the privileged ruling class. These exercises demonstrating the massive chaos among the human race in general and the church in particular could continue on and on. God saves His church because of His lovingkindness, grace and mercy.  God sent his Son to suffer and die for the church.  He sent His Holy Spirit to enable His church to believe.

The secular culture has always been in conflict with the sacred church.  During the 20th century the materialism of modernity and all her children tried to persuade the church to follow the gods of modernity. Modern man lives in a world that naturalizes all of life and existence. In the 21st century the individualism of postmodernity prevails on the church. The postmodern man lives in a world that neutralizes moral standards and leaves no hope for the future. All theories of interpretation are autonomous to the interpreter.  If postmodern preachers talk like a sophist using gobbledygook, it probably is gobbledygook.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were leaders in the Soviet Union during the latter years of the 20th century.  One political ally of Mikhail Gorbachev once said that Boris Yeltsin was a “political animal.” The accusation was that Yeltsin pursued postmodern ideas and that those ideas made no distinction between good and evil. I’m not so sure that Yeltsin was a postmodern disciple, but I’m sure that the postmodern mindset had influenced him. The postmodern mindset has had and is still having a tremendous influence in our daily lives.  It is like a cancer.  It very quietly eats away at reality until finally that which is really real is no longer on the table for discussion. The postmodern concept affects every person in western civilization every day. Postmodernity changed the way people formulate world views that are contrary to rational intelligence.

Historical revisionism was popularized by postmodernity, thus distorting the truth of historical development.  Revisionist history is the re-writing of history with the conspicuous absence of original sources. When people write history without the presuppositions of biblical ethics and norms, sinners that they are, they tend to distort history by imposing a personal relative ideal. They have a hostile disposition towards the God of history, which clouds their thinking and the interpretation of true history.

Literary deconstructionism was the postmodern tool to change communicating truth to mere communication. In simple language it teaches that words are meaningless, but those words can have meaning if the reader re-constructs the text according to his or her own world view and understanding of life. It basically discredits the structural foundations for established patterns of literary forms. God gave us language to have fellowship with Him and other rational creatures.  We must use language wisely, prudently, and carefully.

I have referred to aesthetic annihilation as the death of reasonable art forms. The postmodern effect on aesthetics and the arts is the absolute distortion of reality.  For example, the entertainment industry produces movies that use unrealistic characters with powers of creation and annihilation. The fascination with gory, angry, and murderous characters that have unrealistic forms consume the industry.   Reasonable aesthetics ought to engage the mind to perceive beauty, peace, and harmony.

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