Brief Study of the Ten Commandments

Brief Study of the Ten Commandments by Martin Murphy investigates the Law of God from a biblical perspective.  It is not an academic tome, but it is cogent and challenging.  Dr. Bryan Beyer, Old Testament scholar and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Columbia International University wrote in the Foreword:

The Ten Commandments hold an interesting position in both our nation and in the Church. On the one hand, we cannot deny the commandments have shaped our country’s legal system and helped define what living a moral life means. Many churches have them posted, and even government buildings sometimes display them (though often not without political ramifications). On the other hand, few Americans and not nearly enough Christians could likely name half of them, let alone all ten.

Professing Christians may say, “I believe in keeping the Ten Commandments.”  Unfortunately, many of them are not able to quote the Ten Commandments.  This book will help Christians discover or re-discover the meaning of the Ten Commandments, based on the study of the Bible.  Also, the author devotes one chapter to “Natural Law” so Christians will understand the extent of God’s moral law.  This Brief Study of the Ten Commandments is an excellent tool for individual and group Bible study, Sunday School, and sermon preparation.  This book is available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.

God’s law is not merely a series of moral injunctions.  The nature of its content is much broader than the Ten Commandments found in Exodus twenty.  This book will challenge Christians to study God’s law from a wide biblical perspective and from natural law.  For example, the chapter on the fourth commandment explains the Christian work ethic based on the commandment, “Six days you shall labor and do all your work.”

The heartbeat of this book is to harmonize the love of God with the Law of God.   “The law of God should be your delight.  The child of God truly endeavors to keep God’s law, because the child of God loves the lawgiver, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Not if, but when God’s children fail to perfectly keep God’s law, then turn to the one who kept it perfectly.”  You will find God’s love in the keeper of the law, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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