James Perry Throws the Gauntlet Before the Twenty-First Century Church

Twenty-First Century Church: Is it Waxing or Waning, by James Perry, was recently published by the Theocentric Publishing Group.  The author explains the condition of the twenty-first century church without pulling any punches.  He uses the Old Testament to remind the New Testament Church that consequences follow when God’s people ignore the Word of God. “With set minds, hardened hearts and seared consciences, the words from the Lord will fall upon deaf ears” is a scene from the Book of Jeremiah and it applies to the twenty-first century church.

James Perry’s book examines the contemporary church to see if it measures up to the standards of the Bible.  It reveals the failure of the church in relationship to the biblical model. As time passes, the Church begins to allow complacency, apathy and cultural accommodation to occur. At such a time, the Church no longer is waxing (as it should be doing) but begins a waning process (as sin and heretical concepts are embraced). What can the Church do? What should it seek after?  The author answers those and many other questions.  Some others questions are, “.” Is your personal life as a professing Christian, waxing or waning? Do observers recognize you are a spiritual house and a holy temple of the Lord? Is the visible Church you attend and in which you participate one that is waxing or waning? Does it radiate the presence of the glory of God or has that glory departed? In what ways is your Church vital and viable in the twenty-first century? Can it be said of your life that The Risen Lord is present in His Holy Temple?  These are crucial to the good health of the church.

The principles revealed in this book are rooted in the infallible Word of God. The author’s irrefutable assertions will cause Christians to muse over the condition of the church. He said, “It cannot be stressed too often that accommodation or adaptation to the desires of the culture is not the acceptable alternative for the 21st Century Church.”  The pages of this book reveal the biblical principles for a prosperous 21st Century Church.

This book is an excellent source for individual devotional reading, Bible studies, Sunday school and for the Pastor’s study.

Rev. James Perry served as a Presbyterian Minister for over 50 years in New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. His academic credentials and many years of practical experience have equipped him to write this book.  It is available from Amazon.

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