Friendship: The Joy of Relationships

Job faced trials and coped with disaster, real and experiential.  The normal and biblical pattern for human relationships begins with the family.  The next level of relationships is friendship which may be integrated and equitability related to the family.  Friendship is a concept that interested me as early as my Junior College days in psychology class (now referred to as Community Colleges for any young people reading this). I converted from agnosticism when I was thirty two and one of the first engagements was to have some Christian friends.  I looked up friend, friends, and friendship in a Bible concordance.  I realized that I didn’t have few if any Christian friends.  I was so intrigued with the biblical doctrine of friendship that I started a Sunday morning radio program.  I called it “Be a Friend.”  Over the past thirty five years I’ve discovered there are “professing” Christians, “professing” friends, and “professing” Christian friends.  Still interested in the biblical doctrine of friendship, I wrote a book titled, Friendship: The Joy of Relationships.  This brief monograph has six chapters that explain the biblical doctrine and permanency of Christian friends.  Each chapter is terse, but cogent.  The chapter titles are:

Friends in Real Life

Friends Challenged by Anger

Friends Wounded by Slander and Gossip

Friends Forgive and Reconcile

Friends Love Each Other

Friends Encourage Each Other

Friends Forever

After you read this book give it to a friend.

You may order it from Amazon, $5.84 – (Search for Friendship by Martin Murphy)

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