My Christian Apology

My Christian Apology, by Martin Murphy, is a classical primer to Christian apologetics.   The apostle Peter said, “Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).   One reviewer commented, “Martin Murphy writes with keen awareness that current fads in conservative evangelical Reformed teaching may be contributing to rather than resisting our post-modern version of modernity and its relativism, and provides a cri de coeur in behalf of forgotten truths.”  A comment brief and to the point from a recent reviewer:   “I really learned a lot from this book. Have even shared it’s lessons with my prayer group. Excellent.”  Rev. Steve McGee said, “Christian apologetics is one of the most neglected doctrines in the Christian church.”

This brief primer introduces apologetics and explains it in plain language.  “The dominance of cultural wars and the pseudo-intellectual philosophical debates are instruments that will lead us into a new cultural milieu. I call it skeptical neutrality.  The equivalent to neutrality in physics is philosophical nothingness.  If that is true, rationality, logic, and truth are obsolete.   Skeptical neutrality is equivalent to agnosticism expressed in terms of “I just don’t know what to believe?  Is truth that important?” Individual expressions of truth to the postmodern mind are simply nonsensical.  I contend that the American culture has drunk deeply in the streams of postmodernity over the past 30 to 40 years.  The axiom for the postmodern concept is the rejection of absolute truth.  The result is we have a truth neutral culture.  There is no metaphysic and neutrality has been crowned king.  The result is the invasion of skepticism in the entire cultural milieu.  Christians tried to develop a ‘Christian sub-culture’ to avoid the hard work of defending the faith.”

For the next five days this book will be free on Kindle.

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