Ultimate Authority for the Soul


New book release:  Ultimate Authority for the Soul, by Martin Murphy, ISBN 9780986405501, 151 pages, $9.99


What is the ultimate authority for human beings in general, but Christians in particular? This book examines that question and concludes that every rational being has some recognition of God as the ultimate authority.  Although God is the ultimate authority, He confers His authority by means of the Word of God. The author examines Psalm 119 to build a defense for the ultimate authority for the soul.

Although this book was written for Christians, the author builds the case that authority is a principle necessary to maintain sanity and order in the family and civil society.  The Word of God connects the soul with reality.  The author weaves truth to the reality of God’s ultimate authority.

This book is replete with assertions, defended and explained. They should resonate with the collective church.  “The church should be saddened because there is so much disregard for the Word of God.  It is the Word of God that holds forth the glory of God in all His majesty and dignity. It is the Word of God that explains the way of salvation to sinners.”  Everyone must deal with the authority concept.  Murphy brings the center of life into focus.  “God is the center of the universe, but God is a Spirit so He communicates His will in His Word so His Word becomes central to life. His Word is the means by which His people can keep a proper perspective in the face of danger, affliction, and persecution. The Word of God is not an idol, but it should be found in the center of Christian life.

Martin Murphy has a B.A. in Bible from Columbia International University and Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.  Martin spent nearly thirty years in the class room, the pulpit, the lectern, the study, and the library.  He now devotes most of his time consolidating academic and practical gains by writing books.  He and his wife Mary live in Dothan, Alabama. He is the author of twelve books relative to Christian doctrine.

Available  on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Authority-Soul-Martin-Murphy/dp/0986405507

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