Reality or Fantasy

A seminary student asked his professor two questions.  “What is the best thing in the world and what is the worst thing in the world.”  The professor answered, “A book”.  Without a pause, the professor said, “A good, reliable book that contains the truth is a true friend you can turn to every day.”   The professor further explained that a book can be the worst thing in the world.   A book may mislead you and cause great distress if it does not tell the truth about reality. The print on demand technology allows just about anyone to publish a book, but does the book tell the truth about reality.

Deception diverts the attention from reality to fantasy.  Reality is true, but fantasy is false.  Is it possible to discover the absolute truth?  Yes, it is possible if a rational human being adopts the ground rules for intelligent discourse.  Every proposition, spoken or written, must not be contradictory, thus following the law of non-contradiction.  Opposing propositions cannot co-exist at the time in the same relationship.  Intelligent discourse must have a singular ultimate cause for everything.  Intelligent discourse will make sense, although sense perception  is not absolutely reliable.  If a book does not follow the rules for intelligent discourse, it is fantasy regardless of the genre.

A brief excerpt from a book I am writing further explains.  Those things, which are real, make sense.  The fake things of this world do not make sense. If we pretend something is when that something is not, we deceive ourselves. If I said I was an airplane pilot, I’m deceiving myself and if I told someone else that I was an airplane pilot, I’d be deceiving them. I know people who pretend that they have financial independence and wealth when it is not true. Pretense is deception. Deception is anything that denies reality. Deception is merely a mask. Deception is a fake. It is presumptuous and outright dangerous to pretend anything, but especially dangerous when the soul is the object of reality. The connection between reality and how reality relates to the soul of man is found in almost every verse of Psalm 119.  Do you know what connects the soul of man with reality?  It is the Word of God.  It is the Word of God that defines and prescribes the faith and practice for Christians.  The Word of God defines and prescribes what Christians are to believe concerning God.  The Word of God defines and prescribes what Christians are to do in their relationship to God.  Without question, the Word of God is the centerpiece for understanding the world that is really real.

The Theocentric Publishing Group is committed to publishing good books that are really real, God-centered, and layman friendly.

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