Books Influence Culture

Culture is a way of life.  What events shaped your life and have those events had a significant influence in your life?  Reflect for a moment and ponder some of the significant historical high points that shaped the way you think.

The year I was born World War II had just ended.  I was seven years old when the Korean War ended.  When I was nine, the polio vaccine was pronounced a success.  When I was eleven, the Russians launched Sputnik I.  When I was eighteen, the United States bombed North Vietnam.  When I was twenty-five, George Wallace was a serious contender as a presidential candidate.

I’ve lived long enough to see the descendants of those events lead our nation, our culture and our society down a different road than their ancestors had traveled. Reading is the only discipline that will give this generation and coming generations the criteria to re-build a dignified culture.  The primary book that brings unity from diversity is the Bible.  God has commissioned a few book companies like Theocentric publishing to publish God-centered books to enable believers with sound doctrine.

Instead of understanding the purpose, mission and ministry, what did the church do?  It sent missionaries to other countries in an attempt to introduce them to the failures of the western culture.   Whatever good effect Christianity had in the past has eroded by the pounding waves of secularism, statism, humanism and self-centered individualism.

For those twenty-five and under the postmodern world is the only world they’ve ever known.  The postmodern theory is a world of deception and false promises.  Those of us who were nurtured by a culture of modern hope will find the sunset of life in a state of chaos and disorder unless we have a Savior who will not deceive us with false promises. For those in this generation and generations to come, read good books that will influence your culture toward godly living.

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