Book Reviews

Last year Theocentric Books gave away over 2000 books in Kindle format.  The purpose was to make the Christian public aware of the quality of Theocentric Books.  Complimentary books are also given away with the hope the reader will post a brief review on Amazon. Only a few reviews were posted on Amazon for the complimentary copies given away  in 2014. Book reviews help the author and publisher by providing potential readers with an opinion from someone who has no interest in marketing the book.

Lengthy book reviews are not necessary.  Academic book reviews are not useful to most laymen who simply want to know what impacted the reader.  In a brief paragraph the reviewer should say what he or she liked or disliked about the book.  It is not being honest to give the book a bad rating because it did not interest you. If the book has good qualities, tell the potential reader who would like the book.  For example, you may say in your review, “although it did not appeal to me, it would make a great book for my pastor.”

The responsible author usually devotes a considerable amount of time and effort writing a book.  An honest book review is a source of encouragement to the author.  If you would like to review a book published by Theocentric Publishing, visit the Amazon Book Store for Theocentric Books and choose a book to review:

Email me the title, author and a valid USPS mailing address to get your complimentary copy to review.

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