Basic Christian Doctrine

Cattle roaming on the open range needed some kind of identification, so it was customary for cattlemen to brand their young calves with a special marking.  Companies used the “brand” concept to market their products.  For instance, an appliance customer is likely to search for a particular brand of washing machine.  This principle applies to individuals who try to market their particular idea.

Although Theocentric Publishing Group publishes Christian doctrine and educational books, each author has his or her own brand.  An example of author branding is Martin Murphy Books.  His brand is “basic Christian doctrine.”  Denominational adherents tend to follow the tradition of the denomination.  It may be good tradition based on the sound doctrine of the Word of God.  It may be bad tradition and thus mislead the church.  All too often, the tradition, good or bad, does not teach basic Christian doctrine.  One denomination may focus on the millennial doctrine and another denomination may devote most of its effort with the doctrine of speaking in tongues.  All doctrine is important, but everyone must start with basic Christian doctrine.

How many professing Christians understand the doctrine of God? How many could give a substantial definition of God in one sentence?  How many professing Christians understand the purpose, nature, mission and ministry of the church?  These questions are relative to basic Christian doctrine.  Martin Murphy Books has written books like, The Essence of Christian Doctrine to help Christians understand basic Christian doctrine.  The challenge for the church and Christian publishers is to provide study material to teach basic Christian doctrine.

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